FAA Section 333 Exemption Approved

CK Aerial Photography is a team of experienced pilots using the newest DJI Inspire BLACK drone to capture your project or event.


Our background includes many years of experience in videography, photography and piloting combined.  We are not just drone certified, we are actually pilots holding CFII licenses. Because of this, we know the skies. We know the lens. Our mission is to combine our expertise and provide you with the best quality and service around.

Because we are pilots, we also own a fleet of airplanes which allows us to easily take jobs anywhere in the United States. We are currently expanding our Section 333 Exemption to also be able to work outside of the US. Whether you are in Nashville, St. Louis, New York, etc., let us show you how we can provide the tools to give you the best in videography and photography on your building project, real estate business, railroad inspections, agriculture crop inspection, wedding, fair, corporate event and more.

“In the past, we have had to hire a photographer, rent a plane, hire a pilot and send one of our managers to ensure that we captured the development stages of our buildings. CK Aerial Photography not only provided all of this in a professional way, the finished project was better quality, more photos, cinema quality videos and half the cost. We will be using them for all of our projects in the future!”

— Ryan Keane, James McCugh Construction Company


The easy answer to this is anything. We are always happy to take on any drone project, but here are just a few of the projects we have done.

  • Real Estate Neighborhood construction
  • Highrise Business construction
  • Real Estate Listing videos
  • Railroad inspections
  • Agricultural Crop inspections
  • Fair/Festival highlight reels
  • Wedding/Event highlight reels
  • Music videos
  • Movie/Cinema videos
  • And more…