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Drone Video & Photo Project for Italian Festival of Nashville

aerial photography for events and festivals

Italian Lights is the annual Italian Festival held in Nashville, Tennessee at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. This park is also co-owned by the State of Tennessee and managed by the state park service. This complicated the permitting and licensing process required for drone filming permits.  Fortunately, we have extensive experience in navigating the regulations surrounding the drone industry.  Our experience as FAA-licensed airplane pilots also gives us considerable insight to the requirements of such permits.  It also helps in removing some of the red tape in the process, because of the strict requirements used in pilot examinations.  We were told by the festival organizers that it was our experience and knowledge of drone permits and licenses that led them to hiring us for this festival. If you want to film aerial photos and videos at your event or festival, but need help and expertise navigating the permit process, give us a call!

We went the week before the festival and found the best vantage point to capture video and photos and the festival was very pleased on how everything turned out.

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