Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Drone Photo Project for real estate company in Kiawah Beach

aerial photography for real estate companies

Kiawah Beach was a fun project and a great example of aerial photography for real estate.

Background: A real estate development firm wanted to show some of the homes on the beach. These photographs would be used to help them sell homes and properties in the area. They wanted aerial flyover images to use in their brochures and prospecting materials – and so we were hired to capture this footage, both in photographs and in the form of an aerial video.

It can be a challenge flying an aerial craft over water – and especially flying over the ocean. This is because the distance can cause the signal with our drone to be lost, especially while we are filming. To prepare for this potential problem, we used an upgraded enterprise long-range antenna on the drone. This antenna cannot always be used because it drains the batteries faster than a standard antenna. However, this upgrade enabled us to fly several miles from our location while maintaining a strong signal.  We used our client’s real estate office as a home base to manage the filming and prepare our flight plans. From that location, we were able to navigate through the high winds and still capture aerial images of the beach and condos.

The highlight of the project was capturing a sunset video of the beach and condos from 2000 feet in the air. This video will give our clients and their realtors a stunning piece of footage and photographs to help close the sale of their properties.

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